Want To Become A Local StarClones Nursery?

StarClonesLA specializes in marijuana seeds and clones (for medical use). In order or delivery our strains at their freshest, we use multiple nurseries to grow and delivery our clones from. This allows us to make our strains available in all legal to grow states.

If you are interested, and would like more information on becoming a memeber of the StarClone family, please complete the form at the bottom of our homepage, and let us know what your working with. We will reply with all the details. *You must provide valid photo ID as proof or residence in a state where growing cannabis is legal, and proof of your legal age of 18 years of ago, or older.

Regulations differ from county to county. Therefore, we strongly advise our growers to inquire into federal, state and/or local laws to which they are subject. In California it is legal to buy and sell marijuana seeds and clones. StarClonesLA farm affiliates are solely responsible for their own actions. StarClonesLA will therefore accept no responsibility in this respect and does not accept any product liability. StarClonesLA does not interfere with the legislation of any country and only ships Marijuana seeds on condition that they are solely used according to international, federal, state and/or local law. StarClonesLA does not cooperate in any acts by others that are in conflict with the law.